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    Non-standard automation in industry

    Release time: 2020-04-10 8:47:39

    1. The problem of reducing labor cost and difficulty in recruiting workers

    It can directly reduce the annual number of employees and cultivate high-end technical talents for the enterprise, thereby directly reducing the company's monthly human and material expenditures.

    Second, it can greatly improve production efficiency on the basis of the original

    Compared with the traditional manpower efficiency, it is simply incomparable, and there will be no labor and physical constraints such as leave, absenteeism and other work.

    3. Can greatly avoid the occurrence of industrial accidents

    Because of the automatic operation of the machinery, through the intercom and the display screen, the accident rate of natural industrial injuries is greatly reduced.

    4. High product quality, strong stability, and low maintenance rate of equipment.

    Quality is the life of a company, everyone knows this truth. Because the production of automatic equipment can be debugged, monitored, and easy to operate, and the occurrence of equipment accidents can also be monitored.

    5. Environmental protection, energy saving, and long service life of equipment

    The automation equipment is driven by servo motors and operates with gaps, so it saves electricity; it responds to the country's call: environmental protection, low noise, no oil pressure; long-term benefit from a single investment, and low replacement rate of accessories. Based on the above, we can intuitively analyze the difference between the automation mode and the traditional mode, reflecting some of the advantages of non-standard automation equipment in hardware industrial products. Therefore, more and more companies at home and abroad choose the automation mode to solve the production efficiency and technical problems.
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