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    Release time: 2020-04-23 16:20:53

    Automated mechanical design, non-standard equipment structure design specifications:

    1. Reliable structure

    1. The structural parts have their own division of labor and the function is determined; the mechanism is stable and reliable, which meets the requirements of use;

    2. The positioning of the mechanism is accurate;

    3. Repeat accuracy meets the requirements of use;

    4. The frame, base and parts are rigid enough to prevent deformation during work (such as cylinder base, etc.);

    5. Movement without interference: A within all degrees of freedom of the parts (360 ° rotation, swing, up, down, left and right) without collision or obstruction (including wires, trachea, etc.), as much space as possible should be reserved; B if necessary, The screws are countersunk or flat.

    2. Security Measures

    1. Design a protective cover to prevent accidents (such as belts, sports mechanisms);

    2. When necessary, design two-handed operation buttons (such as punching and other motion mechanisms);

    3. If necessary, set up safety grating;

    4. Set the limit position limiter (mechanical limit and Sensor limit double insurance);

    5. When necessary, the motor is equipped with a torque limiter to prevent overload burnout;

    6. If necessary, add a protective cover to the Sensor.

    3. Easy installation and debugging

    1. Larger frame with high accuracy requirements, inconvenient to process, the base panel adopts adjustable support (large diameter fine teeth studs), reducing costs;

    2. The thread connection part should reserve a large space for installation and maintenance;

    3. The parts with positioning accuracy requirements should be extended to the base panel as much as possible, and cannot be directly installed on the welding frame.

    4. Gas (oil) pipeline requirements

    1. There should be multiple pre-piercing holes on the frame and base panel to reduce the difficulty of opening holes at the installation site;

    2. For large flow pneumatic components, consider whether the diameter of the air supply pipe is sufficient, and set up a gas storage tank if necessary;

    3. Rotating joints should be used for the trachea to be rotated;

    4. For long-distance, multi-pipe systems, to facilitate maintenance, a pluggable butt joint should be used.

    V. Electrical wiring requirements

    1. Multiple holes for motor and Sensor should be reserved on the rack and the base panel, and the tow chain should be used for the long-distance moving parts;

    2. The sensor seat should be adjustable;

    3. For small current low voltage electrical appliances, butt joints can be used for easy maintenance;

    4. If necessary, the wire should take oil-proof and explosion-proof measures

    VI. Lubrication measures of sliding and rotating parts

    1. Sliding parts such as guide rails, and rotating parts such as bearings, should be designed with a lubricating structure and fitted with oil injection nozzles.

    2. If necessary, set up a dustproof structure (such as using a bearing with a sealing cover, installing a sealing ring, etc.).

    VII. Other requirements

    1. The machine structure meets the requirements of processing technology and is easy to manufacture;

    2. Simple structure;

    3. Meet the economic requirements;

    4. In line with aesthetic principles;

    5. Meet the noise requirements (such as synchronous belt transmission is lower than gear transmission noise);

    6. Comply with environmental protection requirements (dust-proof and pollution-free).
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